We have introduced a new points system.
Right now, you will receive 500 points when you register for an account, and 100 points when your review is reflected on the product page.
Customers who previously registered an account may also be eligible to receive 500 points. Please let us know the email address you used when registering.

1 point can be exchanged for a discount coupon worth 1 yen.
Redeemed coupons can be used at checkout.

Explanations regarding the points have been made in Q&A format.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Where can I post a review?
If you select "Review Management" from the menu displayed with the "[P]" mark and proceed to the "Post" tab, a list of purchased products that have not yet been posted will be displayed.
*Orders placed before the current point system was introduced (before June 22, 2023) cannot be posted.

When are points awarded?
This is when all purchased items have been shipped and when reviews of the purchased items have been published.

Do points have an expiration date?
There is no expiration date at this time. We may set a deadline in the future.

My points have not been added even though the item has been shipped.
There may be a delay in awarding points due to a system failure.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us and we will check.

Where can I check the points I have?
You can check this on the menu screen that appears by selecting the "[P]" mark displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

It's hard to understand how to use points.
I'm sorry. Our points program must be redeemed for a discount coupon at the time of use.
A coupon will be issued when you enter the number of points you would like to use from "Coupon Exchange/History" in the menu displayed by the "[P]" mark and select "Exchange Points to Coupon."
If you select "Apply" on the coupon screen after the coupon is issued and make a purchase, the discount will be applied on the checkout screen.

Can I cancel points that have been exchanged for coupons and return them to points?
Normally, cancellation is not possible, but it may be possible through our operations.
Please feel free to contact us.

Can I use multiple redeemed coupons at the same time?
Only one coupon can be used at a time. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

The amount of the coupon is more than the amount of the product I am purchasing, can I use the remaining amount?
very sorry. If you use a discount coupon for an amount greater than the applicable amount, the amount that cannot be applied will be forfeited.